Friday, March 7, 2014


Jim arrived from New Zealand on Wednesday and Collis went to pick him up from the airport. Of course Collis isn't anywhere to be seen when Jim arrives at the allocated spot for pick up. Phone call to the mobile and I answer (at work). Because Collis refuses to carry a mobile there is no way I can contact him, so Jim was left hanging although he was alerted that Collis was definitely on his way. A half hour later I try and ring Jim back to check that they had met up and I get a very accented gentleman telling me that Jim had left and he wasn't sure who with. It turns out that Jim had borrowed the parking attendants phone to ring me so now neither of them are contactable. I leave another couple of hours before I ring home and find out that all worked out and what was all the carry on about.
On the way home Collis asks Jim where he is staying and Jim states he hasn't booked but at the Mentone camping ground??? Does he mean the local park? No camp ground in mentone except our small patch of grass in our backyard. Lucky for Jim we have recently set up a lovely little guest room and the bed was all ready for just an occasion.
Jim spent the morning yesterday wandering around Melbourne CBD
Jim is the one without the jacket!
thinking he had missed Collis & Jerry who were at home waiting to go riding with him. Didn't really matter, it just meant we realised we still didn't have Jim's phone number- we better get that before the ride starts. Jerry & Collis still went for a ride.
This morning we said goodbye to Jim for the week as he is riding up to Tintaldra on his own and we plan to meet him there on Friday or Saturday. He's travelling up the coast before riding inland and up over Mt Kosciusko. See you at the start Jim.

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