Monday, March 17, 2014

Day Four Tallangatta to Corowa 100 kms.

Good sleep last night by most of us but Carmen actually woke up hungry after trying to eat the veal meal last night and then she was serenaded by Mark's snoring efforts and another mysterious snorer. Apparently they were not in sink with each other. Mark says the other snorer is Jacquei but she didn't think she snored so who knows!! I have my own personal snorer so I don't hear much else around the camp at night.

The group mostly rode the bike path to Wodonga today, coming off (onto the road)in parts where the path was pretty rough and not maintained. Apparently a lovely ride around the Hume Weir and across some old railway bridges. We, of course, stuck to the road and had a couple of log trucks up our bottom for some scary sections. A large wombat went to walk out in front of us at one stage, but quickly turned around and raced back into the bush. I hope it survived today. Morning tea at McDonalds.
Collis then elected Robbo as the ride leader to get the group out of Wodonga and not spend too much time on the Highway. He lasted 2 kms before he spied a Subway restaurant and he abandoned his followers for the taste of a roll. Mark had taken his own route and beat the group (of now 5) to the turnoff to Old Barnawatha Road, so he led them for a short while but then got a fair way ahead. We ended up stopping short for the lunch stop as the road was a little confusing. 6 of the group had a relaxing lunch in the shade of a big gum tree enjoying the infamous boston bun bought originally for morning tea. They headed off before there was any sign of their neglectful leader. Collis and I waited around for Robbo to arrive. A truck pulled up to inform us that one of our mob were down on the last corner asking directions to Corowa, so we knew he was still alive and hadn't been squashed by his foot long roll.
Robbo arrives in a little bit of distress as he was a little unsure of the directions. I saw him writing them down diligently when in McDonalds so I'm not too sure what he had done with them. Anyway he made it to lunch, although he had already eaten well. His blood sugars were low so he had the remaining pieces of the boston bun. We had to leave him with further directions whilst we drove up the road to see how Jim was going. Jen had rung to say Jim had a flat  tyre but was taking an awful long time to catch up with them. We found Jim who informs us that he had actually had 3 flats but all was good after using the big pump and was on his way. Mark was going to try a couple of wineries and then he rode in through Wahgunyah.
We are all in town by 4 pm but still no sign of Robbo. We found him, he was in Rutherglen, having missed the turnoff onto the Up River Road. He then visited a winery before heading back here with a beer in hand. His blood sugars were really low at this stage so we had to get some food into him pretty quickly. The girls stayed at camp and cooked. The boys went to the pub, Bill had a pizza and Collis & I went for Turkish. Rest day tomorrow.

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