Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's all coming together.

Thursday 13th March
We have arrived at the starting post and not long after Robbo arrives from a riding expedition.
Apparently he arrived last Friday and has been cruising the surrounding area all week. His first words to Collis were, "We will be changing the route for the ride out to Khancobin as the climbs are too big." As usual Collis just laughed and then said Robbo was probably right. So it looks like the route will be changed already, although I'm not sure how Robbo knew which route Collis had decided on anyway. The area around Tintaldra is all hilly, with very few flat areas so there's not much choice of routes to take. Some riders love the hills, especially the downhills.

Jacquei was flying into Albury today and friends were bringing her across tomorrow. Jim had made it to Bombala last night and still had to tackle Mt Kosciusko so not sure which day he will get in (Friday or Saturday). Carmen is coming up with her friend Kate and they should be arriving tomorrow or Saturday. Bill drove to Adelaide from Sydney and is catching the bus here- he is due tomorrow. Mark left Sydney on Monday and is riding down- he thought it would take him 5 days to get here, so probably tomorrow. I'm not sure how Jenny is getting here but we are expecting to see her tomorrow as well. The last one, Annie, is not sure where she will join us on the trip but she will be coming at some stage (she wants to surprise us).

We have set up our bed in the back of the truck and it felt like I had been doing this for 12 months (the 6 months off the road have just disappeared). The routine has all come back to me already. It is very peaceful while Robbo is off having a shower and washing his cycling clothes and Collis is reading his maps. I have time to think and write. Tomorrow I think I will go for a walk along this great Murray river, I might even go for a canoe if someone will come with me (scared I might get swept down the river).

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