Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day One Tintaldra to Tintaldra 80 kms

What a lovely day today has been. The weather has been perfect for riding. We had a very pink/orange sky this morning and we have waited all day for the change in the weather. We ended up with a lovely cloud cover which kept the heat down for the first day of our ride.
It was an optional ride so Mark and Robbo chose not to ride this part of the course. Jim was riding, he was still coming from Thredbo today. Bill and the girls (Kate, Carmen, Jen and Jacquei) took off as a group and headed for the hills. The views were sensational.

The group hit the climbs head on and conquered the mountains without a problem. We caught up with Jim at Khancoban- we waited around for him after morning tea as we knew he was close by. The group enjoyed the downhill rides but they were slightly disappointed that they were unable to get over 70 kms/hour. The beer at the end of the day was very much appreciated. A shower was also enjoyable.
Everyone still had enough energy to go for a small walk around "town" before dinner.
The caravan park catered a great roast dinner with bread & butter pudding for us. It was delicious and much easier than me having to cook a BBQ for the group, which was the original plan.

All over a very pleasant day. Nice bonding day of the group today.

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