Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day Twelve: Tooleybuc to Robinvale 95 kms.

Well I thought the previous night was noisy- last night was worse but then the trucks stopped and it was lovely and quiet. Bill was very pleased with himself as he was once again in a motel room. Everyone was relaxed and well rested this morning. We left around 8.15 without an allocated leader as Mark has refused to take his turn.
Morning tea was at the 40 km mark with a lemon/sour cream cake bought at the general store in Tooleybuc. Lovely cake. Everyone was spread out with Jacquei arriving at morning tea with a huge bag of oranges stored in her raincoat. She had been hoping another rider would help her carry them but he just rode off. She's not wanting to share now although I did remind her of women's lib (we can do anything they can do, even carry 3 kg of oranges in our jacket for 10 kms). Carmen saw the orange stall and took off quickly as she had the pannier that had been used over the last few days of fruit picking.
Bill was the only one who stopped for a lunch break around 85 km mark and the rest rode into town. Robbo was way behind after having another 3 punctures and was keeping us informed of his progress via SMS. All except Robbo were into camp by 2 pm. Nice camp ground and Collis & I decided it was time for us to upgrade to a cabin.
Just after we get into the cabin, the heavens open with lightening and thunder and a real heavy downpour. Collis went out to see how Robbo was getting on but he hadn't been hit by the rain at all and was happy to keep going under his own steam.

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