Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day Thirteen: Robinvale to Mildura 95 kms

Woke to another clear, blue sky this morning. All down the east coast of Australia is having huge downpours with flash flooding but we seem to have missed the majority of it once again. The Gods seem to bless us with pretty good weather on these trips. Last nights rain only lasted for an hour or so- it was heavy but not long.

Everyone up and about when we arrived at the camp kitchen. Jim volunteered to be the leader this morning so we grabbed at the offer. They were riding all day down the Stuart Highway so nothing too complicated until we get to Mildura and then the group will probably be broken up by then. The truck traffic was pretty constant all day with the trucks loaded with the final harvests of the local fruits. Most trees and vines were looking pretty much empty as we drove past. Jacquei managed to find some huge mandarins which was enjoyed by most of us.
We only stopped for morning tea today without a lunch break. We were all, except for Robbo, in town by 2 pm. Robbo is still having trouble with his repaired tubes and had not yet purchased any new tubes. Collis ended up giving him one of his spare tubes which managed to get him back on the road so he could get into the town to buy his own. Apparently he bought 5 tubes from one bike shop and then went to the other shop for some other repairs. He came into camp exhausted and sugar depleted requiring assistance again to get his blood sugar levels back up.
Jen had 2 punctures today and she used the other spare tube that Collis had and was able to get back on the road. Jen has gone off to visit her elderly aunt for the night. Bill has once again found himself a motel room. Jim, Collis and Carmen watched the footy. I went out for dinner with a friends daughter and had a really lovely meal.

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