Monday, March 17, 2014

Day Three Jingellic to Tallangatta 90 kms

It was a cold night last night getting down to 6 degrees overnight. Fancy forgetting my thermals especially after the trip across the Nullarbor. Anyway we all stayed warm and cosy in our beds. The rain seems to have left us, not that we got very much, and the farmers wouldn't have even noticed any effects from the little bit we got. It is pretty green still up around here in the Upper Murray region but I'm sure it will get browner as we go. There were quite a few possums around last night so all boxes were made secure.

Bill didn't enjoy his first night in the tent and is looking forward to getting back into his 'real' bed tonight- he's discussing the pro's & cons of camping with a wise old cow. The BBQ last night was very nice and we invited a couple of French cyclists, who arrived into camp late, to join us. They managed to clean up all plates. Their English wasn't great but they were able to get their messages across and we discovered they are cheese makers in France. Yummy.
The group had a few hills to climb today but the gradients were pretty even and not all that difficult. There were lots of lovely downhills along with the climbs. The scenery was fantastic again, lots of water views, lots of wild fruit trees to raid and even a big fat wombat crossed our paths. It is mainly cow country and we saw huge long horn cows with young very hairy calves.
Arrived into Tallangatta mid afternoon so most headed straight for the bakery with Mark checking out the 2 hotels. The local supermarket got plenty of business as well before we all headed down to The Victorian Hotel for our evening meal. The chicken schnitzel wasn't too bad (a little dry) but the veal apparently tasted like it had been cooked a couple of times. We shared the dining room with the local rotary club so gathered a bit of information about the local community while we ate dinner. New owner at the hotel (female) who according to Mark, has owned the pub for 5 months only. Good on her for giving it a go.
Early to bed by most of us although Mark wasn't back before I went to bed and I was the last to crawl in at around '9.30pm'. Warmer tonight.

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