Friday, March 21, 2014

Day Eight: Moama to Barham 93 kms

Drama will always follow us. Collis woke around 4.30 am and couldn't stay in bed so got up and went to the camp kitchen. A few caravans had set up right next to the kitchen and when he turned the light on there was a bit of an uproar so he quickly turned it off. As most of us know Collis is not the quietest person in town so I'm sure he kept disturbing them. It was a stupid place for them to park but they probably had no choice. Anyway as we were packing up the food out of the kitchen this women started going off about him and said she hoped we fell off our bikes. Her partner, both of which would not show their faces, told us to get in the car and get out. I would not be able to identify her by appearance but she had a very distinct high pitched voice and they had 2 ugly yappy sausage dogs with them. Charming!
The group left around 8.30 am and checked out the wharf of Echuca before getting on the road with the wind behind them. It was a lovely ride today and morning tea was at 33kms beside a lovely lake of some sort. Very relaxed. Lunch was at Cohuna by the irrigation channel- even more relaxed. Arrived at Barham by 3 pm to a very nice caravan park on the river murray. Happy chappies.
The girls went for a walk around town to check out the action for tomorrow, did some shopping and then most of us cooked in the lovely camp kitchen. Collis, Mark and I went to the pub and I played the pokies (winning a whole $4) until Collis decided I had to quit while I was ahead.

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