Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Itinerary- First Cut

Well, here it is. Something I've always wanted to do and that is travel from one end of the Murray to where it meets the sea. Why not cycle it, along the closest roads to the river. All roads are sealed and the scenery magnificent.
On the first day we have an optional ride day of 80 kms from Tintaldra up to Khancoban then back down to Tintaldra. Morning tea will be at Khancoban. This little town is 13 kms from the Victorian border and at the foothills of the Snowy Mountains. It is the upper reaches of the Murray River. 
We will probably have morning tea on (or near) the Pondage. We hope to be back in Tintaldra for lunch and time to do some canoeing down the river or just to swim and sit by the river for the afternoon. Cycle X will be putting on their first BBQ that night.

At the moment we have 7 riders booked in and looks like this might be the total for this ride although one rider is planning on joining us a few days into the ride (bringing us up to 8 riders).

Following information kindly provided by one of our new riders- Bill.
Tour duration: 22 days: 15 March to 5 April including four rest days (24 days including before and after days)
Riding: 18 days: 1,475kms  
Venues: 18
Daily averages: 22days total: 67kms/day     
18 riding days: 82kms/day  

Breakdown:                Section 1: (4 days) Tintaldra to Corowa:         295kms/74kms average per day
                                    Section 2: (3 days) Corowa to Barham:          285kms/95kms average per day
                                    Section 3: (4 days) Barham to Mildura:           325kms/81kms average per day
                                    Section 4: (2 days) Mildura to Renmark:         165kms/83kms average per day
                                    Section 5: (5 days) Renmark to Goolwa:         405kms/81kms average per day

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