Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day Fourteen: Mildura 0 kms Rest Day

How many male cyclists required to fix a bike pump? Not sure yet because they are still trying. Robbo, Collis and Mark have all had a go at it so far. I will keep you informed. Robbo is busy eating all his oranges in between working on the pump because he has been told he can't take them out of Mildura. The blood sugars will now go through the roof. They could not fix the pump so the girls will have a go at it tomorrow. It will be fixed tomorrow!
Everyone went off in their own directions today. Jacquei walked into town and back (exhausted by the end of it with approximately 15 kms), Jen came back from her aunt's place and I think she caught up with Jacquei or Carmen. Carmen was riding around town and down to the marina. Jim went to the library and read a book from cover to cover. Robbo spent most of the morning trying to fix the pump then after lunch went shopping. Not sure how Bill spent his day. Mark shopped and then went down to one of the locks, watched a paddle steamer then came back into town looking for food. Collis and I went for brunch at the local cafe then went for a drive around the area.
Made a huge pot of pumpkin soup which everyone shared and some pesto pasta that Rob & Jim helped us to finish off. Relaxing day.

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