Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day Five Corowa 0 kms

What a relaxing rest day. Up with the sunrise and the kookaburras. Relaxing breakfast and a walk along the river. In for a long shower before heading up the main drag for a morning of Op Shopping. First stop was Country Target where I managed to pick up some great bargains and a new pillow- mine was a bit flat. Then I caught up with Jacquei and eventually Carmen and Jen. We had a very enjoyable couple of hours scrounging through the second hand goods. Jacquei picked up some real bargains. I wanted the dumb waiter but even with a whisper in his ear, he wouldn't come with me. Then we discovered The Chocolate Factory. I had the thickest hot chocolate ever with melted marshmallows through it. The spoon was standing up straight. The girls had coffee and carrot cake and Jacquei had a stale scone(very disappointed). The chocolate was the BEST.
Back to camp for a sit in the river with Jacquei while the others went exploring around the wineries. Most of us had dinner over at Wahgunya - The Empire Hotel- The Fairies Bistro. It was the best food ever. The only one with a complaint was Mark, who's pork chop was slightly over cooked.
Very pleasant day!

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