Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day Two Tintaldra to Jingellic 30 kms

What a night last night. The wind howled through the camp site for an hour and then it poured with rain for about another hour. A friend on FB described it as "we are no longer in Kansas Toto". She lives in Albury so they must have had the same weather as us. Needless to say we didn't have a restful night's sleep. I won't tell you what time we went to bed but it was pretty early.
It was a late start today as we only had 30 kms to Jingellic. Robbo headed off to a communion service in Walwa but planned to meet up with the group at the 16 km mark to show them the local monolith and get a group photo. Meeting time was planned for 1/4 to 10. The monolith was supposed to be one and a half times bigger than Uluru but most of it was underground. Collis and I came upon the monolith at the 10 km mark but there were no cyclists around so we go on further. We find them waiting patiently (hehe) at the 16 km mark but no sign of Robbo. You can't see the monolith from here and they weren't interested in riding back 6 kms to see it. We waited around until 10.30 but no sign of Robbo so we decide to head to Walwa for morning tea. We took a group photo for Robbo anyway with our pretend monoliths.
It was a very nice morning tea at Walwa general store and Robbo had got held up at church so that was why he was running late. From there we had another 6 kms to our destination, Jingellic.
Jingellic is a lovely campground on the banks of the River Murray. It is a free campground but the showers are $4.00 for 4 minutes and not always hot and then Jacquei (who was first in) found the ladies had no water. She informed the hotel and then had a cold shower in the mens.

 Very relaxed afternoon in the pub, then down to the river for a walk and some had a snooze in their tents. Tonight we are having our meat trays (won by myself and Jen) for dinner which the boys are currently cooking. Jacquei and I have done a couple of salads and Carmen supplied some squash and tomatoes that someone gave her on the side of the road yesterday. A feast!!!


  1. "Bigger than Uluru but most of it is underground". It's the same story down in Kerry; hills there are higher than Everest but don't seem so for the same reason. Ask Tadhg. Maybe, Robbo has been reading too many Irish novels! Happy St Patricks Day to ye all. Have them all show plenty of green for the occasion. Slainte.

  2. Hi Richard, Great to hear from you. Did you get your book for the last leg.