Friday, March 14, 2014

The day before the start

10 pm: Sitting here in the camp kitchen with Collis & Robbo. All the girls have just headed off to bed. Bill has gone off to his cabin and his luxury accommodation (Bill does not enjoy camping due to a bad back). Mark, who arrived late this afternoon, has disappeared into the dark with his bottle of wine under his arm, I'm not sure where he has gone. The crickets are chirping (which means it should be hot tomorrow), the cows are bleating louder than ever tonight but at least no car noises.
We went to Cudgewa Hotel as a group for dinner tonight. Carmen and Kate (Carmen's partner who is only with us for a short while) have their car with them so we were all able to travel together. Jim is the only one missing tonight- he chose to ride up from Melbourne unsupported via Mt. Kosciuszko and he has made it to Thredbo- 100 kms tomorrow. Dinner was enjoyed by all and three of the girls finished off with ice cream and topping. To top the night off Jen and I both won a meat platter each. Guess what we will be eating for the next few nights, although we have ordered a roast dinner at the caravan park for tomorrow night. BBQ on the night at Jingellic.
Jen was the first to arrive today around lunchtime. She had arrived in Albury the day before and spent the night with her cousin who drove her around to here. Collis and Jen put her bike together and they did quite a good job. Collis went out for a ride and did about 25 kms- he plans to do a fair bit of riding this trip. Robbo went for another ride- he's been riding the area for nearly a week now. Next to arrive was Carmen and Kate in their car, they had driven up from Melbourne leaving there this morning. Jacquei arrived with her friend James who kindly picked her up in Albury, took her out for lunch and then brought her across. Bill next, who arrived on the 4pm bus having travelled up from Adelaide. Finally Mark around 5.30 pm, so just in time for dinner- Mark has ridden unsupported from Sydney.
Seems to be a nice cohesive group.

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