Friday, March 28, 2014

Day Fifteen: Mildura to Werrimul 70 kms.

We sat around this morning as we only had 70 kms today. It was a beautiful sunrise with a hot air balloon flying overhead for a short period. It has been predicted to be a warm day today.

Mark left about the same time as everyone else with Robbo coming up the rear. He was going for his seniors meal at Maccas again so he will probably be late. The road was pretty quiet today and they had a tailwind for most of the day. First stop was Redcliffe. They had a market starting later in the morning so we sort of missed out and then there was going to be a parade in the afternoon. Shopping at the opp shops was profitable for Jacquei and everyone grabbed a coffee.
Morning tea was at the 35- 40 km mark with hot cross buns (donated by Robbo) and some more of the lemon/sour cream cake. The march flies have made themselves known, biting Jen on the behind whilst riding and then attacking all of us when we stopped. Mark had a theory that once you killed 3 march flies then the rest would leave you alone- didn't work- not even after I had killed about ten of the buggers. Glad to get back in the car and down the road.
We have entered country which is very similar to outback South Australia. Mostly scrub with wheat fields scattered around. We did not stop for lunch and we were in Werrimul by 1 pm. Collis shouted everyone a schooner and then later he paid for dinner as well. Lovely people who own the pub and they told us quite a bit about the history of the area (it was once a thriving little town). Not much here now except some limestone churches and ruins.
Bill, Jim, Collis & I all took rooms in the pub and the others camped on the green grass out the back of the pub using showers and toilets in the hotel.
Nice night.

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