Friday, April 4, 2014

Day Twenty-two: Milang to Goolwa 44 kms

Collis woke in the early hours of the morning worrying about the car troubles and how we were going to get the riders to the airport on Sunday (as promised). Nothing he could do about it during the night so he eventually went back to sleep. Up early so he could ring roadside assist at 7 am. The guy was there by 8 am and we got some bad news. The advise was to have it towed immediately but we decided to try driving it to Goolwa and then towed next week. The riders headed off around 8.30 am for a leisurely 35 km ride into Goolwa for morning tea at the bakery.
We arrived there around 11 am and everyone had morning tea and a congratulatory group hug. We had been told that they could ride a short distance across Hindmarsh Island to the Mouth of the Murray. We led them across the bridge with lights flashing and cow bell ringing to find that it was actually 11 kms to the mouth. The group decided to forgo the extra 22 kms and head back into town for a look around. Collis and I headed out to the house booked for the night and unloaded all the luggage before heading back into town to join the group for a celebratory lunch.
After lunch everyone who needed to, spent most of the afternoon pulling their bikes apart and packing them into boxes for their flights home.
A bus was organised to pick them up the next morning to take them into Adelaide & the airport. This was actually our original plan so we knew we could get them to their destinations as planned. It was a lovely trip and a great group of people to share it with.

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