Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day Twenty: Swan Reach to Mannum 60 kms

Very relaxed start to the morning. This is good as I had a terrible hour or maybe two overnight due to very itchy mozzie bites. Collis woke me early hours of the morning as he was climbing out of the truck and when he climbed back in he pointed out the snoring that was happening in camp. I thought the really loud snoring was Rob but Collis insists that it was one of the canoeists that were next to us. It was extremely loud and in the background was the gentle snoring of everyone else. So I laid there trying to ignore the snoring, when I focused in on my mozzie bites and started to scratch. I am surprised I have any skin left on my feet, I was viscous! Collis kindly climbed out of the truck again to find my stop itch cream which sort of helped ease the craving to scratch. Sticking my feet out in the cold made some difference as well. I eventually went back to sleep and we got up around 7 am.

Everyone was on the road by 8.45 am. The wind was not their friend again today but there was some relief with the bushes on the side of the road. The views were again spectacular and very difficult to get the full effect on film. Leisurely ride to Walker Flats for morning tea- 32 kms. Great coffee stop and we had some donated hot cross buns from Waikerrie Bakery. Lots of fruit from the shops but also from spoils along the road. Jacquei has managed to get pears and apples yesterday. We sat around at morning tea waiting for a paddle steamer to come up past us. Collis, Jim and I boarded a huge houseboat that moored while we were waiting. It was very impressive and worth checking out (how the other half live).
All into camp here at Mannum by 1.45 pm. Issue with Robbo wanting to camp away from the camping area that we have been allocated- he may be asked to move his tent if management catch up with him. The girls went for a walk across the road into town and had a nice time checking out the antique shops. The boys rode around checking the layout of everything.

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