Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day Twenty-One: Mannum to Milang 120 kms

Pink sky in the morning is a shepherd's warning- beautiful sunrise but it is a bit ominous. The camp last night was reasonably quiet even though it was pretty busy with caravans. Robbo survived the night without being asked to move his tent- lucky boy. The camp kitchen is really good here so we had a comfortable breakfast today before our biggest day on the trip (especially if they have a headwind as forecast).
The group rode off around 8 am this morning. The plan is morning tea at 35 kms, lunch at another 35 kms and afternoon tea at another 25 kms. Mark left us this morning so he could ride to Adelaide to meet his wife who was coming to Adelaide for the weekend.
The wind was definitely a headwind before morning tea. The scenery changed totally with us leaving the Murray cliffs behind and entering into dairy country and some arid salt bush areas. Morning tea at Murray Bridge in the park (no magpies swooping this time round but one did pee on Robbo).
Lunch was at the courthouse in Wellington. I got to sit and watch the ferry go back and forth- it is amazing how many trucks and cars can be placed on the one ferry. We came across a group of cyclists who are cycling Adelaide to Melbourne in 7 days with one rest day. They were a young group who were raising money for a burns unit and today was their first day on the road.
Afternoon tea was on the side of the road. Bill stated he had a tailwind after lunch but no-one else actually noticed it. Collis and I went to a winery and bought 1 kg of horseradish and two different sauces. The girls were drafting on the way in but Jen took off after tea and nearly beat everyone into town. A light came on the dashboard of the car after tea- something called the catalytic converter and the book tells us to slow down and speak to a mechanic. I don't think we can slow down any further than Collis' slow pace.
All in at Milang by 4 pm and everyone was pretty exhausted but pleased with their efforts. We all went to the pub for dinner and then an early night.

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  1. Long day today, and coming near the end. Hope you gave my regards to the magpies of Murray Bridge. I expect that they are on down-time now. Well done to all and I enjoyed following your progress. Cool 24 deg ! We are happy here with a pleasant 12 deg. Regards to all.