Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day Nineteen: Waikerie to Swan Reach (change of itinerary) 104 kms

The cool change came through in the early hours of the morning and the temperature has dropped dramatically- supposed to only get to 24 degrees today. A little bit of rain overnight but not enough to really talk about. Cloudy all day which kept the temperature right down. The wind was blowing in the wrong direction most of the day.
Difficult ride to Morgan for morning tea but worth the effort. Difficult because of the wind. Morgan is a lovely little town and the boys were able to get their morning fix of coffee as they waited for us to come across on the ferry. We had to wait for the ferry to fill up on petrol- this took 20 minutes.
We were going to have lunch at Blanchetown but we changed the plan as everyone seemed to be really struggling in the wind. We stopped at 80 km mark- on the cliffs again. Everyone seemed to appreciate it and no-one bothered to go into Blanchetown.
Another 24 kms then till finish for the day. Mark said it was the worst road he had ever travelled around Australia. Everyone came in pretty exhausted but they soon rejuvenated after the shower and a few nibbles.

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