Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day Eighteen: Renmark to Waikerie 92 kms

It is April Fools Day and Jacquei is in full swing. Everyone watch out.
The day started with a high temperature. It eventually reached 36 degrees but apparently 42 degrees on the road. The briefing was held in the morning before they all rode off together.
Morning tea was at the Overland Corner Hotel. The Hotel was not quite open by the time the riders got there but they did open up just before we left. Opening time was 11 am. Collis gave more directions at morning tea but forgot to mention one important turn (although the turn WAS mentioned a number of times at the morning briefing). I walked past the car before we headed off and found someone had been busy creating a personality for the car. Bill went to ride off and found his bike taped to the "Cyclists" sign and Robbo found his water bottle had been taped to his carrier. Jacquei!!!!!

They head off eventually and Collis suddenly realises he has forgotten to mention a turn so we put the sign on the corner and then we go to head down the other road to make sure everyone has turned. The girls came up behind us and then turned. I rang Jim and find him 4 kms down the wrong road and he did not know where Bill was. I ring Bill but he has turned his phone off. We go 15 kms down the wrong road looking for him before a phone call comes through from Bill asking us where we had got to- he was waiting at the lunch spot. Back we go to the turnoff to pick up our sign and check Jim has made the correct turn. No sign. Robbo had picked it up (he thought we had forgotten it) and carried it on his bike for 10 kms down the road. Jim was OK and found the turn. Everyone was pretty hot and thirsty by lunchtime. Lunch was on the cliffs overlooking Waikerie.
After lunch it was a short downhill ride to the ferry, across the river and up into the town. Caravan park was nice with a well equipped camp kitchen and a refreshing swimming pool. Most riders went for a swim then out to dinner at the pub. Hot night with very little breeze.

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